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Equipment and Environment

At our core, we endeavour to be pioneers of innovations and change, and we always aim to be at the cutting-edge of the industry. Technology is now a leading focus on how dental practices run and how dental treatment is undergone. Using technology to its advantage, our practices can run seamlessly while providing impeccable standards of dental care for each of our patients.

All of our practices are modern, state of the art environments with modern reception and waiting room areas as well as highly equipped surgeries. As a practising dentist, our CEO recognises the benefits of investing in a high-tech environment for all of our associates.

This increases productivity, a more predictable treatment outcome, less administration, the ability to embrace the latest techniques and more importantly, you as an associate continue to enjoy and maintain your passion for your career. Some of the investments we have made in our surgeries are:

Fully Kitted Kavo Dental Surgery Suites

As like most German engineering, we have invested in the 1 of the most reliable manufacturers for dental chairs – Kavo Dental. All our surgeries are equipped with Kavo Dental Chairs and have also accommodated for left-hand users too. Our dentists benefit from modern dental surgeries and industry-leading equipment. This investment in high end surgeries allows our dentists to be more comfortable and enjoy their work.

Trios 3 Intra-oral Scanners:

Intra-oral Scanners are used for:

  • Smile Design
  • Instant digital simulation for treatments such as Invisalign.
  • Crown and bridge preparations – no more impressions!
  • Bite registrations
  • Tooth wear monitoring
  • Implant Restorative Planning and restorative construction.
  • A full mouth scan typically takes 2-3 minutes and can increase treatment conversion.

The scans are directly linked with our technicians/ labs and are sent instantly for production.

Our Treatment Coordinators would initially see each patient to undertake the scans ready for you discuss the treatment plan following your examination.

Digital X-Rays and CT Scanners

We have invested in digital X-Rays that is integrated with our cloud-based dental software. This includes digital phosphor plates and digital processing with vista scans. We also have OPG machines and CT Scanners at our practices allowing you to take instant scans without the patient having to be referred out.

We have radiography qualified dental nurses who take our CT scans too.

Dental Photography Studio

Our Clinical Director believes in ensuring your work is not only recorded for patient record purposes but also to maintain a portfolio of your own work. This is extremely valuable to help with clinical audits, marketing and more importantly for you to use your own cases when it comes to teaching and training others.

Our clinics are equipped with dental photography studios where our treatment coordinators undertake before and after pictures, video testimonials etc. Our marketing team ensures that you have an active digital profile e.g. on Instagram.

Magnifying Loupes

Dentistry is not just a science, it is an art. To create finesse within your work requires attention to detail and precision. This is why all our dentists use dental loupes with lighting for their general and specialist dental work. Not only this, but you will maintain a healthier posture and prevent back injury.

Electric Micromotor Handpieces

All our surgeries are equipped with Kavo Electromatic handpieces. There are huge differences between the conventional air motor handpieces and the advanced electromatic handpieces. These handpieces are typically 12 x more expensive than the conventional air motor handpieces, but this investment for our associates is invaluable.

Some benefits include:

  • LED lighting
  • constant torque which means the bur will not slow down or stop regardless of speed or what material is being cut. This is a common problem with the conventional air motors which affects your tooth preparations.
  • Speed reducing and reverse function for the handpieces. This is useful for finessing preparations, or during endodontics.
  • concentric bur movement and less chatter/wobbling of the bur. This means you can perform more finite cutting and operate with more precision and effort.
  • Less contact of the bur with the tooth surface resulting in less sensitivity. This process is called ‘milling’ instead of ‘chopping’ allowing for more precise margins in less time.
  • low vibration level and low noise level which reduces anxiety and offers more comfort for patients.

Each surgery is kitted with multiple Electromatic handpieces e.g. Fast, Slow, Endo, Straight, Surgical.

High-Quality Materials and Tools

We have ensured that our associates benefit from industry leading materials and tools. Allowing our dentists to operate with a level of predictability and reliability. Examples of materials and sundries are:

  • Impregum impression material
  • Venus Composite
  • Protaper Endodontics
  • Luxatemp
  • Rubber dams
  • Facebows
  • Semi adjustable articulators
  • Full Surgical Kits.

Digital Forms

All of our surgeries are equipped with iPads for patient communication. These are used for:

  • Medical Histories
  • NHS forms
  • Consent Forms
  • Viewing Treatment Galleries
  • Educating Patients
  • Invisalign patient smile app.
  • Much more.

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