PG Diploma in Restorative and Dental Implantology

Synergy Dental Group are a multi award winning and leading cosmetic and Implant Dental Group based in the North West, and are proud of the 16 practices we have opened and developed in our time of operation. In line with our philosophy of Lifelong learning and developing our teams to the very best they can be, we are delighted to offer our exclusive Pathway to Advanced Private Dentistry.


Who is this course for?

This course will be an opportunity for existing dentists to transition into private dentistry through a structured and supportive pathway as well as UK Dental Graduates who have completed their Dental Foundation year or experienced Associates who are looking to enhance their skills, developing specialisms and looking to offer a varied, and high quality of Private treatments. Developed for those looking to move into a supportive and well structured environment, where they can enhance their portfolio and their skills alongside our Industry leading mentors. The Pathway to Advanced Private Dentistry is designed to assist and support qualified dentists in their progression through and ever changing industry; enabling you to confidently undertake high end cosmetic dentistry, through the medium of learning, direct mentoring and performance.

Year One

All associates will be assigned dedicated surgery time with an experienced Clinical Mentor including additional study circles with specialist speakers and hands on practical training sessions. You will also benefit from efficient diary management to assist you in your progression through your clinical years. You will be provided with a detailed logbook to
track your progress through the Pathway to Advanced Private Dentistry. This ensures thorough record keeping and an opportunity to reflect on the things you have learned.
At the end of your first year on the Pathway to Advanced Private Dentistry, you will be competent in Invisalign, Composite Bonding, Minor Oral Surgery, Molar Endodontics,
Smile Makeovers, Removable Prosthodontics and Single Implant Dentistry.

Oral surgery mentorship• Introduction to NHS and Private Dentistry Inclusive of mentored study days and observations to build your confidence in Private Dentistry, with your Clinical Mentor.

• Oral Surgery Mentorship and Study Days As the highest provider of Oral Surgery in the North West, we will attach you to one of our specialist Oral Surgeons to give you both a practical and theoretical understanding of providing the highest calibre of experience within Oral Surgery.

• Dental Restorative Training
Focusing on Complete and Partial Dentures, Crown Preparations, Veneer Preparations and Temporisation Techniques. We will have dedicated hands on study days at our Training Centre using phantom heads to teach you 1 to 1 and small groups. The restorative training will include:
1. Record keeping and photography – to grow business need to capture aesthetic cases and consistent shots
2. Digital Smile design occlusal considerations
3. Preparation of caries affected teeth
4. Bonded restorative concepts
5. Crown and veneer theory recap


• Composite Bonding Full Course
Complete course with additional Case Mentorship. Using the Injection Mould technique to give you the confidence to treat patients competently. We will be providing you with a
stream of patients to treat once you have been signed of.

• Invisalign Full Course
Fully funded Invisalign Full course. Delegates will not need to complete the Invisalign Go course and will enrol directly onto the Invisalign Full course with our internal structure and
mentorship. Your Clinical Mentor will ensure an adequate number of cases; in preparation for your course to ensure you’re confident and prepared. As an Apex provider of
Invisalign, we will ensure that you will have a steady flow of patients to treat.

• Advanced Implant Restorative Training
To provide confidence in Implant Crown, Bridge and Denture Work mentored by your Clinical Mentor and other Qualified Associates. This will be a gateway for you to decide whether
you want to progress into a formal recognised qualification in Implant dentistry. For those who want to progress, we will enrol you onto our Postgraduate Diploma in Restorative and
Dental Implantology (EduQual Level 7). Delegates can also enrol onto this PG Diploma earlier if they are comfortable to do so.

• Endodontic Mentorship Study Days
We will attach you with one of our Endodontic Specialists to give you both a practical and theoretical understanding of providing the highest calibre of experience within Endodontics.

PTAD 3• Postgraduate Diploma in Restorative and Dental Implantology (EduQual Level 7)
An all-round introduction and development to Implant Dentistry from single unit to full arch implant dentistry, designed by some of the leading Implant clinicians within
the UK following the “Tell, Show, Do” structure. You will receive theory, classroom, 1 to 1 and direct mentorship in at least 20 direct mentored cases by our experienced and
approved implant mentors. The course and the direct mentorship are valued at £30,000. However, we will be providing you this course complimentary as part of your training pathway.
As a recognised Platinum Provider of Straumann Implants in the UK, we will ensure you have sufficient patients and prioritise Implant Consultations in your diary.

• Level 1 CBCT Training
As part of the Implant training, we will also provide Level 1 CBCT training.

• Marketing and PR
We will teach you the fundamentals of how to use social media, local PR and other digital platforms to get yourself recognised amongst both patients and local colleagues.

Throughout all specialisms you will have dedicated mentorship time working with an experienced surgeon who will be able to instruct, support and assist you with an
introduction to each module, from both a Practical and Theoretical standpoint.

Year Two

PTAD 4 (2)After successful completion of Year One, you have an option to progress onto your second year of training where you will develop and be exposed to more advanced elements of the
training course, incorporating your learnings from Year 1, and developing further.
• Continue your PG Diploma in in Restorative and Dental Implantology.
• IV Sedation Course – Fully funded with additional Case Mentorships.
• Advanced Restorative Training – including tooth wear management, Dahl concept, Organised Vs Comformative Dentistry.

What is the benefit of enrolling onto the Pathway to Advanced Private Dentistry?

PTAD 1 (2)The benefit of enrolling onto the Pathway to Advanced Private Dentistry, is primarily to give you the support, guidance and confidence to transition into private dentistry.
You will be supported by our mentors in your Practice, working Full Time and having access to:
• Outstanding Full Time Support by our Lead Associates, as well as Synergy Partners.
• Full time position working in one of our fully equipped and established Practices.
• A full and complete diary with a variety of cases and patients to build up experience.
• Access to a network of 50+ fully Qualified Associates to answer any Clinical or Theoretical queries or questions that you may have.
• Non Clinical support through fully qualified HQ team (HR, Accounts, Marketing, Clinical Governance, Facilities, Training and Development)
• Monthly Study Circles on a Specialist topics (Endo, Prosthodontics, Photography, Restorative Dentistry etc within Dental and Conventional Self Marketing)
• Hands On Practical Study days at our Training Centre using Phantom heads and Industry leading materials

What is expected of you?

PTAD 2Whilst undertaking the Pathway to Advanced Private Dentistry, you will be working within one of our established and thriving Synergy Dental Practices, working with the NHS and Private Patients on a variety of cases and procedures.
• Working Full Time within a Synergy Dental Practice.
• Working towards an agreed UDA Target – with mentor support.
• Full dedication to attend and complete all Training and Courses provided.
• A natural desire to want to challenge yourself and succeed in a demanding industry


Remuneration Package:

Option 1:
• 12 month Contract for Services.
• 3000 UDA Target.
• £50,000 Salary.
• Suitable for candidates that have recently completed Foundation Training.

Option 2:
• 12 month Contract for Services
• 3000 UDA Target
• Private % Split
• Suitable for more experienced dentists

Upon completion of Year 1 of the pathway, your expected Net earnings will be £300,000 to £360,000 in line with our current associate salary.


Relocation Support

• Help with sourcing local housing
• Help with enrolling children to local schools
• Support with registering with local NHS services
• Introduction to places of worship e.g. Local Churches, Mosques, Temples, Synagogues etc.
• Local amenities support
• Regular team building events

PG diploma training structure